Driving City tour 

Moscow is a very spread-out city and many sights are not in a walking distance from each other. This tour is an opportunity to see some of the most interesting places in Moscow. You'll walk and drive around the historic center and modern Moscow and see the spectacular panoramic view from the highest hill of the city.
During our driving tour of Moscow we’ll have several stops.
You will see: 
Christ the Savior cathedral (Intriguing story of this church could be a metaphor for the whole history of Russia. Majestic by its exterior and its interior Christ the Saviour Cathedral is the biggest Eastern Orthodox Church in the world)
Sofia’s embankment which gives an impressive view of Moscow Kremlin.
Novodevichy convent ( It is the best-known cloister of Moscow, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A unique ensemble of Moscow baroque architecture and an exile place of many ladies from the Russian royal families).
Sparrow Hills (one of highest points in Moscow gives an excellent panoramic view of the city. Nearby is the famous Moscow State University 
Victory Park (a memorial complex dedicated to the victory of Russians over Nazi Germany. It is a solemn architectural ensemble with monuments, obelisks and fountains)
 St Basil’s cathedral, Kremlin, Zaradje park.
Tverskaya street, Boulevard ring.
Great view of "Moscow City" (modern business district of Moscow).

We will also visit some historical districts of Moscow: Patriarch pond district, John hill district etс.


1-2 persons

140 $

3-4 persons

190 $

4-8 persons

220 $