New-Jerusalem, Savva-Storozhevskiy and Joseph-Volokolamsk monasteries in 1 day 

By car during one day (8 hours tour) we will visit 3 holy places near with Moscow.

Start and finish in your hotel. 

At first  we will see Savva-Storozhevskiy monastery, which is 700 years old and 400 years ago was a centr of religion in Russia. In middle ages it was a favorite monastery of royal family. Also in this monastery keeps miraculworking relics of saint Savva - founder of the monastery.

Then we will go to New-Jerusalem monastery. It is a uniqe place according a  historical purpse. In the middle of the 17th century, Russian Patriarch Nikon decided to recreate the Holy land of Israel, with all its shrines, but in RussiaIn. In one place you can see almost all holy places like in Israel. There are: Church of the Holy sepulchre, Kuvikliya, Golgofa hill, the stone of unction, river Jordan… After 10 years of reconstruction, the monastery was restored to its original view and now its one of the main pilgrimage centers in Russia and one of the most beautiful monasteries in Russia. 

The last place is a Joseph-Volokolamsk monastery. It is an old monastery which  palyed a big rolle in a history of Russia 450 ears ago. The Russian Tsar Ivan the terrible attached great importance to this monastery. Many notable people were buried on its territory. The monastery attracts a large number of pilgrims, as it stores the miraculous relics of the founder of the monastery — Josef Volotskiy. Currently it is a beautiful monastery on the banks of a large man made pond.


1-2 persons

150 $

3-4 persons

200 $

4-8 persons

250 $