The Volga is without doubt the most important and famous Russian river. On the banks of this great river, Russian civilization grew up. Volga is the concentration of the most important thing that Russia has, its nature, greatness, history, traditions and life of Russian people.

During this 3-day tour, we offer You to get to know this river better. The tour includes not only accommodation on the banks of the Volga, but also an excursion program to the ancient cities of Uglich and Myshkin. On the territory of the hotel you can do: boating, fishing, barbecue, swimming.

1 day. Way  from Moscow to Volga. Visit of Uglich town. Check in in the camp site in a separate house.

2 day. Tour to Myshkin town and back to hotel.

3 day. On the last day on our way to Moscow, excurtion in Segriev-Posad.

The price includes transport, excursions, accommodation. Food is for extra payment.


1-2 persons

600 $

3-4 persons

800 $

s1200 (1)
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