Suzdal and Vladimir

Vladimir and Suzdal are perfect for a day trip from Moscow: stunning architecture and rich history of the former centres of Russian state.

In Vladimir you will see the ancient cathedrals (assumption Cathedral and the Cathedral of St. Demetrius) and the famous Golden Gate — a 13th century fortification (included in the UNESCO list). It is also the first stop along the Trans-Siberian route.

The charming Suzdal which is ncluded in the UNESCO list, will treat you to unique wooden architecture - Museum of wooden constructions, Kremlin, beautiful monasteries, like Saint Efimiy monastery. At the local market you will have a chance to buy traditional russian food. Both in summer and winter seasons, the dreamy Suzdal will open for you the beauty of old and unique Russian architecture.

This is a private tour, so you will see more than a group tour. At the request of the client, you can also visit the observation deck on the bell tower, ride around the city in a carriage, and taste homemade moonshine (vodka).

On our tour you will get a deeper understanding of Russian history!

While driving, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Russian nature , especially on the way back.


1-2 persons

250 $

3-4 persons

350 $

4-8 persons

450 $

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