Tank Ride

The tour and tank ride take place in the west of Moscow, 60 km from the city. Fields, forests and lovely villages surround the site. 

Each participant of the tour will get an authentic uniform of the red army infantry/tank crew. You will ride a real tank or armored infantry vehicle. 

In addition, you will get historical firearms shooting experience. The concept of this historical tour is a battle march in pair with a supply truck to the field border defensive position. On the position, you will shoot real weapons – pistols such as TT or Nagan, PPSH SMG, Mosin rifle and DP-27 machinegun. Besides, you will be able to choose from 28 weapon types including anti-tank rifle and some rare pieces like finnish Suomi SMG.

At the end of the tour you will be offered a military style lunch.

Transfer to the place of the tour by private car

Description of tank ride:

• Arriving to the military ground
• Dressing up into soviet infantry/tank crew uniforms
• Safety briefing
• tank ride
• Shooting
• Obstacle course training
• Lunch
• Departure


1 persons

from 800 $