2 Days in Kazan

Kazan is the third capital and the most modern city in Russia. City that combines Orthodoxy and Islam.


Sightseeing tour "Kazan MILLENNIAL" on the most interesting sights of Kazan, which will show you Kazan from all sides. You will see ancient streets where each stone has its own history, and a modern metropolis that lives in a frenzied rhythm of the capital. You will visit:

in Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda, located on the picturesque embankment of the lake.Kaban, where the houses of Tatar merchants and mosques of the XVIII century are preserved.
on the streets of old Kazan, with its cathedrals, monasteries and temples that miraculously survived in the Soviet years (with a visit to the monastery where the miraculous list of the Kazan icon Of the mother of God is kept);
on Freedom Square-the administrative heart of Tatarstan, where the city Hall (former noble Assembly), the Opera and ballet Theater is located.M. Jalil, Saidashev Concert hall, Cabinet Of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan;
Palace of Farmers on Palace square and new embankment;
Sports facilities built for the 2013 Universiade (panoramic view).
Lunch in cafes/restaurants of the city (with elements of national cuisine)

The history of the Central shopping street of Kazan lasts for many centuries, during which it has repeatedly changed its name. During the time of the Kazan khans, it was called Nogai road, and when the troops of Ivan IV the terrible stormed the Kazan Kremlin, blowing up its walls, the street was renamed Prolomnaya, leaving the memory of this event for several centuries. There are many architectural monuments and each building has its own amazing history! You will definitely see:

Gabudlli Tukay square and the bell tower of the Church of the Epiphany;
the building of the State Bank, where the gold reserve of Tsarist Russia was stored during the civil war of 1918;
an exact copy of the carriage of Catherine II and many small architectural forms that reflect the identity of the Kazan land.
Excursion to the KAZAN KREMLIN Museum-reserve – the living heart of the ancient city, which has experienced more than one exciting event in its centuries-old history! Founded as a Bulgar fortress in the 12th century, it has changed its appearance more than once along with its mighty rulers and today it is a unique complex of architectural, archaeological and historical monuments that reveal the city's centuries-old history. On the territory of the Museum-reserve, which is included in the UNESCO world heritage list, you will see:

Kul Sharif mosque and Annunciation Cathedral;
Spasskaya tower, built by Postnik Yakovlev and Ivan Shiryai, builders of St. Basil's Cathedral;
The Grand Residence of the President and the leaning tower of Syuyumbike;


Excursion to the ISLAND-CITY of SVIYAZHSK

"An island on the sea lies, hail on the island stands..." - as if from the pages of Pushkin's fairy tales, from oblivion, by the will of the terrible Tsar Ivan, a whole city grew up on a wild island in one month! You will learn the fantastic history of the city of Sviyazhsk by going with us to this unique historical and architectural object. During the tour you will see:
the only wooden Trinity Church in the Volga region, founded by order of Ivan IV (built in 1551);
St. Nicholas Church built in 1556;
Assumption Cathedral built in 1560 (external inspection), which is undergoing restoration of unique frescoes, including a rare image of St. Christopher with a horse's head.
The Majestic Cathedral Of Our Lady Of All Sorrows Joy.

Auro tour to RAIFA BOGORODITSKY MONASTERY. During the tour, you will get acquainted with the main sights of the monastery:
Trinity Cathedral;
St. Sophia Church - the smallest in the Kazan diocese, in the temple part of which can fit only 7 people (external inspection);
Church in honor of the Holy fathers in Sinai and Raif killed (external inspection);
you will see the works of the famous sculptor V. N. Savelyev, who is a novice of the monastery.
Visit to a unique temple - the "Temple of all religions".

Return to Kazan.


MEALS - 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches

TRANSFERS - Private bus/car

ACCOMODATION - 3/4 stars hotel

GUIDED TOURS -  Tickets are included in the price





1-2 persons

600 $