Moscow Kremlin and Armoury chamber

Moscow Kremlin is an ancient city and citadel, the former residence of Russian tsars and Soviet rulers. We will visit  3 unique cathedrals which were built in the 15th-16th century and were used by russian tsars with difference purpuses: for coronation, marriage, prayers, burial. During your tour you'll also see famous Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell.  On this territory there are a lot of other interesting sights like Senat palace (working residence of Putin),  Napoleon cannons, residence of Patriarch.

Armoury chamder is a unique treasury-museum on the territory of the Kremlin displaying the wealth accumulated by Russian rulers from the 12th century. This is an outstanding collection of Russian State Regalia, Tsars’ dresses, carriages, tableware, jewelry items, including famous Faberge Easter Eggs, main orders of the Russian State, weapons and defensive armor and many other interesting items produced at the Kremlin workshops and used at the court.

If you want to visit the Armory and the Diamond Fund it is better to let us know before so we could book tickets for this places. 

Tickets are icluded.


1-2 persons

150 $

3-4 persons

200 $

s1200 (1)