Night driving City tour 

We offer you to take part in an exciting tour of night Moscow. We will visit the mysterious and famous places in the historical center of Moscow.

Apart from the most important Moscow landmarks: St. Basil's Cathedral, Christ the Savior Cathedral (Great view of Kremlin and cathadral), skyscrapers of Stalin, Moscow state University (Next to the University is the main observation deck in Moscow, which offers the main view of Moscow. From a historical point of view, this place is also very interesting), Park of Viktory you will see: 

Moscow City (Business District). This is a modern business district of Moscow, which is extremely beautiful at night

Visit the famous «Khitrovka», the most crime and gang district of Moscow of the 19th century (we will also take a ride through the small old streets of this area);

See the Church of All saints at Kulishki and can thank the monks for the service and the prayers that they drove the hell with Kulisek;

Drive past the place on which stood the mansion of the infamous Saltychikha, which killed 139 innocent serf girls; See the Lubyanka, the center of the repression and violence of the red terror. 

Learn about the history of a terrible house on the embankment and its ghosts;

See the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and know about a terrible curse of this temple;

Learn the mysterious meaning of the Moscow ring system, and the real purpose of Stalin’s skyscrapers;

Feel nervous excitement at the goat swamp (Patriarch’s ponds).

Moscow at night is even more beautiful than during the day. At this time, the city is extremely beautiful. Since there are no traffic jams at night, you can see more interesting places.
This is almost the same city tour, but at night with information about the city's mystical places.


1-2 persons

140 $

3-4 persons

190 $

4-8 persons

220 $