Tours in Moscow, Golden ring, Sankt-Petersbug, Kazan and others 

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About us

My name is Yury Rudakov, I am the founder of this company.

During all my life I traveled a lot and learned many interesting facts about the history and sights of Moscow and Russia. Based on my experience and knowledge, I have become a professional guide and conduct tours in Russia.  We have a team of professional guides to all the main cities of Russia.  We work with groups and individual clients.

Nowadays I suggest You to take part in our auto and walking tours. We held a tours not only in Moscow, but in a cities of Golden Ring (Suzdal, Vladimir, Sergiev-Posad, Yaroslavl, New-Jerusalem...), Kazan and Sankt-Peterburg. During these tours you can explore not only the history of the local attractions, but also the Russian culture, architecture and nature.

Each tour is not standard, and based on the wishes of the client.

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